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Xique textile has improved 3 functions [3/27/2012]
Longyan Top Brand—Xique [3/27/2012]
Longyan Xique Textile CO, LTD donated 405,00 [3/27/2012]
Fujian Xique Textile Company carries out the [3/27/2012]
Xique: to be NO.1 in China and Create Intern [3/27/2012]
Longyan Xique Brand Towel is awarded "China [3/27/2012]
The towel production of the enterprise was o [3/27/2012]
Integrity Operation lets"Xique"fly higher [3/27/2012]
    Fujian Longyan Xique Textile CO., LTD was established in 1960s. It was based on Longyan Bed Sheet Factory and Longyan Yarn-Dyed Fabric Mill, which originated from Shanghai Huaguang Bed Sheet Factory and the 29th Shanghai Yarn-Dyed Fabric Mill. We are a famous domestic towel production enterprise in the integration of research and development, production and sales, aimming at manufacturing high-grade towel products .
Fax: 86-597-2390971
Address: No.1 Cuiping Road, Nancheng Area, Longyan, Fujian, China
Email:E-Mail: xi@xique.com.cn
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